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For Kubernetes log handlers are independent components that helps to collect and process log files for every POD in the nodes.

Fluent Bit v0.12 comes with full support for Kubernetes clusters:

  • Read every container and POD log file
  • Enrich logs with Kubernetes metadata:
    • POD Name
    • POD ID
    • Container Name
    • Container ID
    • Labels
    • Annotations
    • Host Name (nodeName)
  • Low memory consumption

All this is possible thanks for the following built-in plugins available:

  • Tail input plugin
  • Kubernetes filter plugin

Tail Input Plugin

This plugin allows to tail log files from multiple containers, parse the content and gather fixed metadata information from the file path.

Kubernetes Filter Plugin

This plugin takes the logs reported by Tail Input Plugin and based on it metadata, it talks to the Kubernetes API server to get extra information, specifically POD metadata.

This plugin is fully inspired on the Fluentd Kubernetes Metadata Filter written by Jimmi Dyson

Deploying Fluent Bit for Kubernetes

In order to obtain further details about deploying Fluent Bit on a Kubernetes cluster, please jump directly to the Official Kubernetes Documentation section.